What Moneste Offers

Dream Catching Workshops

I teach leaders how to play the Goals Game by hosting games on Zoom. You will learn how to play the game and turn your dreams into achievable goals. Pick up some quotes, tips, and tricks as you work through fun activities that will help you set goals like a pro.  Join us at our next game meeting.

Buy Your Own Goals Game

I help leaders make motivation fun by providing this magical tool. Whether you are a parent, teacher, manager, or mentor, this is a great way to inspire your team. Play it every week and you are sure to get people (including you) moving. Designed for 2 to 6 players. Available on Etsy. Click here to purchase!

Life Coaching Tool

I help life coaches inspire action around their message by providing fun accountability. Do you get frustrated when clients fail to take action on your winning ideas? Add the Goals Game to your sessions to motivate your clients to get moving. Can be used one-on-one or in small groups. Multiple sessions are required for play. Click here to purchase on Esty or Contact me for a demonstration.

Goals Game Customized Series

I support social service organizations in motivating their clients by playing the Goals Game with them. Let’s combine topics of your choosing with the magical accountability of the Goals Game. We will work together to create a 4-6 week game series to get your group going based on your mission. Get ready to watch everyone win. Please contact me to learn more and schedule.

Money Matters Meetings Series

I help social services organizations to promote financial wellness by providing holistic money workshops. Let me help your clients develop a healthy attitude toward money while sharing some tips and techniques to manage it well. I go beyond the numbers to address the perspectives and habits that impact prosperity. Customize your series using the topics listed below. Each meeting runs about 1 to 1½ hours depending upon participation. Please contact me here to learn more and schedule.

Available Topics

  • Business Matters
  • Credit Matters
  • Dreams & Goals Matter
  • Love & Money
  • Money is for Everyone
  • Successful Spending Plans
  • Tax Returns Matter
  • Working for a Living