Play the Goals Game

Join us to learn how to play the game. I’ll show you how to play and throw in some goal setting tips along the way. Game events are posted on our Facebook Group. Click here to find a game!

Your Own Goals Game

The perfect solution if you know a little bit about goal setting and want to inspire your team. Designed for 6 players. Available on Etsy. Click here to purchase!

Play the Goals Game Meeting Series

I can bring a game series to your organization to help you motivate your team. Topic customization is available. Now available on Zoom. Please contact me to schedule.

Speaker Support

If you love giving presentations but hate planning them, this is for you. I can provide a structure for your meetings that gets people in action around your message. Contact me to plan your next series.

Money Matters Meetings

I offer workshops on several money-related topics. Now available on Zoom. Please contact me here to bring one or more to your team.

Available Topics

  • Business Matters
  • Credit Matters
  • Dreams & Goals Matter
  • Love & Money
  • Money is for Everyone
  • Successful Spending Plans
  • Tax Returns Matter
  • Working for a Living