Play the Goals Game on Zoom

Wednesdays at 7:30 pm

Learn how to set goals and play the Goals Game as taught by the creator of the game. Karen will share her experience, favorite quotes, and tips or tricks as she guides you through activities that will help you set goals like a pro. You’ll take away ideas and skills that will have you living your dream and helping others to live theirs.

Meetings are free for a limited time.

Topics Include

Introduction & SMARTer Goals

Effective goals have a much better chance of being achieved. Set yourself up for success by learning how to make SMART Goals. This workshop will start with brief networking and end by playing the Goals Game.

Creating a Dream Catcher

Our dreams are often not realized because we are too busy working on everything else. At this workshop we will take the time to capture and honor our greatest desires in life. And of course, we will play the Goals Game.

    From Dreams to Goals

    Our dreams are not as unattainable as they may seem. Bring the big dream to this meeting and we will break it down into week-size pieces. Then we will play the Goals Game to take the first step.

    Goals & Gratitude

    There is a magic in gratitude that can help us to achieve anything. This workshop focuses on recognizing our achievements and the gifts the universe brings when we take actions toward our goals. This week’s Goals Game can’t help but be inspired!

    Leader’s Choice

    You can be a leader! I can’t wait to see what goals are inspired at this meeting. A player can volunteer to lead topic, and if they wish, the playing of the Goals Game. Meeting format, support, and guidance will be provided to the leader.

    Sharing the Dream

    The best way to achieve your dream is to help someone else achieve theirs. We will talk about how you use your new Goals Game to help the people you care about. And we’ll pick a goal for the road!